LT cables use stranded copper or aluminium conductors. The overall assembly may be round or flat. Non-conducting filler strands may be added to the assembly to maintain its shape. Special purpose LT cables for overhead or vertical use may have additional elements such as steel structural supports.

Ideal for distributing electricity to residential, commercial and industrial units the Low Tension Power Cables are made with high quality copper and aluminium to offer superior conductivity. Available in Single core and multi core configurations, they are safe, non hazardous, lead and cadmium-free.

Insulated Material

  • XLPE
  • PVC


  • Superior short circuit rating
  • Low dielectric loss
  • Much better insulation resistance
  • Higher current rating and emergency overload rating
  • Resistant to corrosive gases
  • Much longer life of the cables

PVC Insulted Cables

  • High dielectric strength and resistance to D.C Voltage effects
  • High mechanical strength
  • Resistance to abration and vibration
  • Resistant to most acids and alkalies


The conductor of power cables is made from EC grade aluminium or annealed copper. The conductors are solid / stranded / compact circular / sector shaped.


In PVC Power Cables the conductor is insulated with the poly vinyl chloride covering over conductor as insulation by extrusion process and In XLPE Power Cables cross linked polyethylene covering as insulation over conductor by extrusion process.

Inner Sheath

The laid up cores are provided with the PVC inner sheath by extrusion or by wrapping of PVC Tape. Single core cables do not have inner sheath.


Armouring is applied over inner sheath incase the calculated diameter over inner sheath does not exceed 13 mm, the armour consists of galvanized round steel wires. Where the calculated diameter over the inner sheath is greater than 13 mm the armour generally consists of flat steel. If required, the cable can be manufactured with steel wire where calculated diameter of cable exceeds 13 mm. Single core cables are provided with non-magnetic Aluminium Wire/Strip armouring.

Outer Sheath

Outer Sheath is of PVC Compound applied by extrusion over Insulation in case of unarmoured single core cables over inner sheath in case of unarmoured twin, three and multi core cables and over armouring in case of armoured cables. The trade mark PREMIER CABLE along with voltage grade and conductor size are embossed on the outer sheath throughout the length of the cable at regular intervals.